Interlocking brick can be dated back to the cobblestone roads and courtyards of Europe.   At that time interlocking brick was used to create dramatic walkways, steps, and courtyards and now the concept has penetrated driveways, porches, garden walls, and more.

Interlocking brick is advantageous to poured concrete slabs since it will last a lifetime if installed properly.   Problems faced by poured concrete slabs, such as water runoff, standing water, and winter ground heaving, are not faced by interlocking brick.   For instance, concrete slabs will hold standing water and may slope on an angle causing water damage to the housing foundation.   These problems are avoided when using interlocking brick because there will always be space or a crack where water will be able to seep through between the relatively small bricks.  

Interlocking brick's solid colouration should allow any chips in the brick to be unnoticeable and will prevent the issue of fading.


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