There are numerous variations of stone walls.   First, stone walls can be built parallel to a street in order to divide the outer lawn from the proper lawn.   Second, they can line the sides of a driveway.   Third, stone walls can border vegetable gardens or flower beds.   These are only a few possibilities.

As mentioned on the previous page, there are two methods of stone wall construction; dry structure and mortared structure.   However, the type and shape of stone used may only lend to using one method.   For instance, the mortared structure method can only be employed if the stones are round.  

Extremely important to the desired look of the stone wall is the size, shape, and colour of the stone.   Large stones will convey a rugged solidity appropriate for retaining walls.   However, using small round stones can provide a whimsical look useful for a gazebo foundation.   A dry wall of medium flat stones, pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle, has an exquisitely meticulous air to it.   By contrast, a wall with large stones, less uniformly shaped, can profit from accent pieces of a different color, such as quartz or white marble.    

Stone masonry walls have many advantages over wood fences; they require little maintenance, they block sound and they provide much more privacy. Concrete block wall systems, which are competitive in price with quality wood fences, are another option and are now available.

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