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Michael Garofalo Masonry specializes in masonry work, decorative brickwork, chimneys, fireplaces, interlocking brick, porch and house cement block foundations, stone walls, stone piers, parging and repointing in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.   Numerous projects have also been built in Sydenham, Howe Island, Wolfe Island, Amherstview, Harrowsmith, Gananoque, and Bath (all locations in the surrounding area of Kingston, Ontario).

Michael Garofalo Masonry has bricked numerous houses paying special attention to decorative brickwork, including archways, decorative window shapes, and multi-sized bricks. This decorative style can provide an ordinary house with a visually appealing new-age appearance. Chimney repair is relatively common work for this company and can improve the resale value of a house by allowing the usage of a wood-burning fireplace. Repairing cracked chimney caps can assist in preventing water leakage from entering the inside of a house and not allowing the use of a wood-burning fireplace. Moreover, Michael Garofalo Masonry builds proper brick fireplaces and stone fireplaces that provide an instant visual attraction. Finally, repointing of old mortar joints between bricks or cement blocks can be done easily and may provide an immediate makeover for an older house.

Interlocking brick walkways, driveways, steps, and patios have become a recent trend in the masonry industry. These can increase the appeal of a house over concrete slabs or ashphalt. As well, stone piers built on either side of the driveway entrance seem to be commonplace now.

Michael Garofalo Masonry is involved in building concrete foundations for new houses, and also repairing porch foundations. Both of these types of cinder block foundations are recommended to have parging added after the walls have been constructed to prevent water leakage from deteriorating the blocks and inevitably entering the house.


Common Masonry Problems and Their Causes

  • Deteriorating mortar joints are caused by water saturation or age
  • Brick, cement block, and stone come apart from age and the deterioration of mortar between the masonry building blocks
  • Concrete cracks and fractures occur due to vertical or horizontal stress to a masonry surface
  • Bulges in concrete happen due to the build up of pressure on the backside of a wall
  • Leaning walls come about because of an unequal distribution of horizontal pressure among the top and bottom of the wall, improper compaction of soil beneath the masonry, or a lack of sufficient footing
  • Discolouration occurs when water has penetrated the masonry building block and is an indication that water is entering but evaporating
  • Leaching water is evident when the waterproofing is improper or deteriorating as water enters the masonry wall through cracks, holes, and mortar joints

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